Science of Digital Marketing

learn the Complete Science of Digital Marketing Foundation in 90 minutes

In this course, you will learn the Science of Digital Marketing in 90 minutes. The course is highly interactive with facts, examples, learning material & quizzes. After completing this course you will be in a position to form your own Business Digital Marketing Strategy.

Courses Modules

  • 7 Modules, 27 Sessions in 1 Course
  • module 1: Introduction of the Course
  • module 1.1:Digital Marketing is the Present & Future of Doing Business
  • module 1.2: World's Most Popular Social Networking Websites
  • module 2: Why Can't SME's survive without Digital Presence with Examples?
  • module 2.1: Reasons why Small & Medium Size Enterprise need Digital Presence
  • module 2.2: Learning Notes
  • module 3: How COVID19 has a significant impact on Ecommerce Platforms
  • module 3.1: Amazon Covid19 Case Study with Statistics
  • ...
  • module 4: Learn How World has Evolved Digital with Examples
  • module 4.1: A classic example of How food industry evolved in last one Decade
  • module 4.2: Learn how Ordering a Taxi has evolved to digital Channels
  • module 4.3: How the World's communication has evolved to Digital Channels with Example
  • module 4.4: Learn the Evolution of Digital Marketing in 6 minutes
  • module 5: The difference between Traditional & Digital Marketing with benefits.
  • module 5.1: Digital Marketing Tracking & Optimization Benefit
  • module 5.2: How AB split testing is possible in Digital Marketing with minimal cost & maximum flexibility
  • module 5.3: How advertisers can accurately target the audience through Digital platforms
  • module 5.4: Learning Key Pointers
  • module 6: Welcome Note
  • module 6.1: The most Important Nine Components of Digital Marketing
  • module 6.2: Learn the power of Digital Marketing most important component - Social Media
  • module 6.3: What is Search Engine Optimization & its types
  • module 6.4: Learn what is Affiliate Marketing with example
  • module 6.5: Why Paid Ad Platforms are considered as the most important component of Digital Marketing
  • module 6.6: How to create a Digital Marketing Plan
  • module 6.7: Ending Notes
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Bonus Learning Material

By the end of this course; you will grab the true importance of Digital Marketing & will be in a position to Create your own Digital Marketing Plan.

Course Learning Outcome

Learn the Power of Digital Media Marketing
Why Digital Marketing is a MUST for SME’s
Key Benefits of Digital Marketing
The key NINE components of Digital Marketing
Learn how to create a Digital Media Plan