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Revealing the Winning & Proven Ads strategies after spending a Million dollars on ads

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I will teach you the winning Formula for running successful & consistent Campaigns with a result oriented approach.

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The offer is fully packed with winning Formulas & strategies. The proven strategies will help in saving hundred & thousand of dollars. The ads perform at optimal when all the layers of Facebook ads are in same direction. The designed training will assist students & advertisers to find the right ad direction.

This offer will teach you the wining formula of Facebook ads. Campaign performs at optimal when all the combinations (layers) are utilized smartly. Craking the wining formula is the hardest part? Guess what, now you can crack the formula from an industry pro; who have a experience of spending over $1 Million on ads. Now you don’t need to fail because this offer will help you in avoiding all the mistakes; that leads to poor performing campaigns.

This section will cover that how advertisers can get the most out core, LLA & custom audience options. The best & wining practice for selecting these audience will be shared with practical examples.

The section will cover the importance of Placement options. Advertisers will learn when automatic placement should be utilized & when manual placement performs the best. The placement lectures will be explained with campaign examples.

Find the wining ad & utilizing the winner for maximum value is one of the toughest job for an advertiser. You will learn that how the wining ad is identified & how you can use the winner for grabing the maximum value. All the strategies & proven wining formulas will be shared with the help of Practical Campaign demostration.

Anyone can run an ad on Facebook? Yes. That’s right. But running an ad that meets campaign/business objectives consistently is the hard part. This offer will cover all the advanced options that are essential for a successful & consistent ad.

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This offer covers all the strategies & winning tips and tricks, which I have learned after spending over a million dollars on Facebook ads; in the last 8 years.

I will teach you my personal winning Formulas for running successful & consistent Campaigns; with a result oriented approach.

This offer is full packed with practical executions that will help advertisers in saving hundreds & thousand of dollars by avoiding basic mistakes.

The Audience course covers all the three types of Audience with practical examples. Advertisers will learn the winning strategy for each audience option. A classic $27,000 case study will be shared to connect students/advertisers with the importance of every audience option.

A detailed guide regarding Interest, Behavior and demographic options for core audience with proven strategy will be discussed. The core audience lecture will be backed by a $19,000 case study.

Custom audience importance with examples will be covered in this offer. Major focus will be on the Website Custom Conversion audience. Lessons will cover how website & Event based audiences can be utilized for remarketing & creation of LLA audience. I will share a $20,000 campaign example; to discuss how advertisers can create a multiplier effect from Custom & LLA audiences. Best & proven strategies for remarketing campaigns will be covered. This offer also covers how the instructor uses core audience for creating custom & LLA audience to grab maximum website purchase.

Advanced options for controlling the ad delivery is included inside. I will share my personal strategies for selecting the right placement option. A classic $61,000 case study is included for explaining the manual placement. There will be case studies for understanding how placement responds for different marketing objectives & what should be done to achieve maximum results.

The offer will cover the most important layer of Facebook marketing that is of ads. I will share my personal strategies for spotting the winning creative. The ad diagnostic methodology will be discussed in detail. A case study of a $20,000 campaign will be covered; where I will teach you how I identify the winning ad. The course will also cover how ONE winning creative can do wonders for advertisers if utilized smartly. The misconception of Creative saturation will be discussed with a $61,000 winning campaign.

The offer also includes sessions on the importance of pixel. Instructor will explain how you can utilize the pixel properly to achieve marketing objectives. Pixel is considered as the backbone of advertising.

Expert insights regarding significant edits will be discussed. A $25,000 case study will be shared to understand the complexity of significant edits.

The Offer will cover how the Learning Phase of a campaign plays a significant role in ad performance with the help of practical executions.

Instructor personal proven strategies for selecting the age targeting option will be covered with examples. From this example; ad optimization methodology will also be discussed.

Strategies regarding how Placement & Devices options perform together to generate optimal & consistent results. The importance of website optimization and how all the variables work together to get optimal delivery will also be included in the offer.

This is not it. You will be getting access to all the future training from the author. Advertisers can also engage with the instructor for queries under the comment section. Moreover, Intermediate training lessons have been added in case you are not an advanced advertiser.


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Experienced Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the field of Digital Marketing & Advertising. Worked with over 50+ Multinationals, Brands, Companies & Business Partners with a common goal i.e “WINNING”. Faisal has an experience of spending over $1.5 Million in the past 8 years on different digital Marketing mediums; with an objective oriented approach. Experience of working with different industries like; Food, Luxury Bags, Cell Phones, Cars, Elearning, News, Apparel, Real estate, Ecommerce, NGO’s & others. For the last 2 years he is transferring his Facebook & Instagram Ads Knowledge to Worldwide students through online training sessions. Over 25,000+ students have already enrolled in his courses. Mainly focused on Facebook ads training & Viral Content Strategy for digital experts, small & big business owners.


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About Faisal

Experienced Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the field of Digital Marketing & Advertising. Worked with over 50+ Multinationals, Brands, Companies & Business Partners with a common goal i.e “WINNING”.

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