Five Facebook Campaign Success Prerequisites

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🥉🥈 Facebook Ads success is highly dependent on Audience, Budget, Placement, Bid Strategy & High Quality Creatives. But in order to achieve optimal results; advertisers have to focus on FIVE Pre Campaign success areas in order to get synergy affect.

The Five Facebook Ads Success prerequisite are as follows:

1. Policy Compliance

2. Optimized Page

3. Optimized Website

4. Tracking Pixel

5. Customer Query Management

1st Prerequisite – Policy Compliance

✅Back in 2018, advertising on Facebook was comparatively easy. Today majority & even seasoned advertisers are reporting ad accounts & business manager suspension. To be successful on Facebook ads the FIRST PREREQUISITE is policy compliance. Keep a strong eye on three quality checks to stay compliant:

A. Account Quality (Navigate to Business Manager)

B. Customer Feedback Score (Navigate to Business Manager)

C. Page Quality (Navigate to Business Page)

There are Eight Common Reasons why advertisers Face Rejection or Ad Account Restrictions:

1. Bad Account or Profile History

2. Major & Repeated Policy Violations (Example: Personal Attributes)

3. Low Customer Feedback

4. Low Quality Ads (Refer ads relevance diagnostic tool)

5. System Bug

6. Unusual Account Activity

7. Discrepancy in Billing

8. Two Factor Authentication not enabled.

Quick Tip For New Advertisers To Stay Compliant:

Imagine you go to a Bank and initiate a Bank loan request. Before issuing the loan; bank will check your account history. If the history is sound they will issue the loan. Same goes for the ad platforms. When you are new to any platform there is no advertisement history under your belt —- and in order to ensure credibility you need to comply with the rules.

Engagement, Likes and Video ad formats are the easiest to start with. Run these ads for a minimal budget to understand the system and to build credibility.

After initial ads approval — Go Slow — Do not create a series of ads with multiple variants. If any of the ad gets rejected in series ads — chances are high for other ads to be rejected too. Go step by step. Once you create over 10 ads in your NEW ad account with multiple billings and zero ad rejection — consider yourself on the right track. ALWAYS AIM FOR ZERO AD REJECTION IN YOUR AD ACCOUNT

2nd Prerequisite – OPTIMIZED Facebook Page

Optimized Facebook pages play a vital role in ads success. Users navigate to the advertised page, look for information and make the purchase decision accordingly. If the page is not well optimized the ad results will be affected. Follow a few simple steps to optimize your page before running a sales ad.

1. Use High Creatives for Display & Cover Image

2. Acquire Relevant username. (It will increase credibility)

3. Submit maximum details in about section. (It will increase Brands credibility)

4. Followers/Likes Count has an impact on ad (In order to win the psychological game, its always suggested to start with few thousand likes for better results)

5. Post High Quality Content

Treat your business page as a FUNNEL.

3rd Prerequisite – OPTIMIZED Website

After policy compliance and page optimization, advertisers have to focus on optimized websites. Without an optimized website advertiser will never achieve optimal results. ACT SMART NOT HARD. Optimization of the website should be done on four levels.

1. Website Speed & Responsiveness

2. High Quality Sales Page (Do AB split test before going aggressive)

3. Flawless Checkout Experience

4. Add Cross sell & Upsell (This will help in maintaining cost to profit margin)

The website page speed has to be very good — ideally the sales page should take 2-3 seconds to load. Website should be responsive, It should work well for all major browsers and devices.

Assume six advertisers are selling T-shirts on their websites in New York. All the six advertisers are bidding through the system. Advertisers with optimized websites will grab majority visitors. And even Facebook’s system gives weightage to high quality website ads; for better user experience. The result of ads for all six advertisers will be different. Always Always aim for a well optimized website.

Go for high quality sales pages. If you are running an ad for the first time — take a close look at what competitor is doing and plan your sales page accordingly. It’s always a good idea to test out multiple sales pages before going aggressive on marketing.

The third level of optimized website is smooth check out experience. Keep your website clean and relevant. Never confuse the user on the checkout page. Testing multiple checkout templates is always recommended for optimal results.

Get the maximum value from your ads by adding cross sell and up sell on your website. A high value purchase will assist you in maintaining cost to profit margin.

4nd Prerequisite – Tracking Pixel

Tracking pixel is the backbone of Facebook ads success.

Website ads cannot be optimized without the pixel. In order to optimize the ads property focus on two things.

Number 1: Ensure Pixel is configured correctly on Your Website

Number 2: Ensure Pixel is firing the right event

If an advertiser is getting sales from Facebook ads and sales is not appearing on ads manager then the ad will not optimize for optimal results.

Similarly, if the advertiser is generating sales from ad and sales count is duplicating on ads manager — again the ad in this scenario will also not optimize for optimal results.

That is why pixel is considered as the prerequisite before creating a successful campaign. Pixel formula is very simple.



Facebook Pixel Helper is a quick way to monitor pixel activities on a website. Keep a close eye on the event manager area for pixel issues and fix suggestions.

5th Prerequisite – Customer Query Management

All advertisement effort will go to waste if the advertiser is not managing the customer queries in the right manner. Respond to Pre sales and post sales queries to achieve best results on your ads.

Always responds to user comments. I suggest responding to the comment through inbox and leave a comment “check inbox” to the user query. It will be easier for you to convert the user privately.

Improve messenger response time to get better results on ads.

Never ignore customer suggestions or constructive criticism. This ultimately will assist in improving ads performance.

Add Facebook Messenger on your website if the major source of traffic is Facebook. Try to manage all queries under one umbrella.

So this is it about the five key prerequisites before creating a successful campaign. This is just one success angle which I have covered in this post. Stay tuned for more.

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