Comprehensive Guide on First Layer of Facebook ads – Campaign

Comprehensive Guide on First Layer of Facebook ads – Campaign

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We discussed the three layers of Facebook ads in this  blog. Now I will cover the first layer of Facebook advertising (Campaign) in detail. Campaign is considered as one of the most vital layers of Facebook ads. The success of any business is majorly dependent on the selection of the right marketing objective.

Advertisers have 11 objectives available to start their marketing campaign. Each option has its own significance. There are three main heads of objective that are Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. Now we will be discussing each option.

Brand Awareness:

This marketing objective is utilized by those advertisers who want to show the ad to people who are most likely to recall them. This objective gives advertisers an estimated ad recall lift (people) metric, which shows how many users Facebook estimates would remember your ad when the ad is active within two days.


This marketing objective helps advertisers to reach the maximum number of people from the selected audience. Most often this option is utilized to create brand awareness.


This objective is designed to drive more traffic on your app or website. With this option you can create ads that:

  • Send users to a destination like messenger conversation, website or app (Website Clicks)
  • Increase the No of users who are going to your desktop or mobile app (APP engagement)


This objective is designed to grab more users to see and engage with your Facebook Post or page. Following ads can be created by selecting this marketing objective:

  • Boost Post (Post Engagement)
  • Page Like
  • Offer Claims (Get people to claim an  offers from page)
  • Events (To raise attendance at an event of your page)

Apps Install

This marketing objective is designed to get maximum numbers of app installs.

Video Views

Advertisers who are looking to increase the viewership of video posts can utilize this option for maximum results.

Lead Generation

This objective is designed to drive more sales leads, such as email addresses, from people interested in your brand or business


This marketing objective helps you in getting more direct inbox, whatsapp or Instagram inbox.


If you are looking to drive valuable action on your website, app or messenger, select conversion as a marketing objective. This is the most widely used objective for getting different conversion types like lead or purchase.

Catalogue Sales

By this option you can Create ads that automatically show items from your catalog based on your target audience.

Store Traffic

This marketing objective helps in driving  visitors to your physical stores by showing ads to people who are nearby.

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