How to target Specific mobile devices while creating Facebook Ads?


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One of the most detailed options for focusing on specific mobile devices is available on the ad set level with the ads manager.

Once the campaign is created you can go scroll to the placement section of the ad set to target specific mobile devices by clicking manual placement.

After clicking on Manual Placement scroll down and at the bottom of placement section you will find a specific mobile targeting option.

If you want to run your ad on specific or all mobile devices only when user Wi-fi is connected. You just need to click on “Only when connected to Wi-Fi”.

You can run ads on all mobile devices, android devices only, iOS devices only & feature Phones only.

For running ads on specific devices you need to select device type i.e Android, iOS or Featured phones. Once selected you can include devices as per your objective.

You can also exclude a few devices of your choice from the selected devices options.

There is another option available to target the audience on the basis of OS; version after selecting the devices option.

There is another way of targeting specific mobile devices from General device owners via Behavior targeting. Stay tuned I will share a second method of targeting specific devices soon.

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